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How to use Pinterest for your Small Business

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

You may have spent hours aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest - pinning your favourite recipes, organising your perfect 'dream house' board or browsing art to replicate, but have you ever thought about utilising Pinterest for your business?

So why use Pinterest for your Business?

Firstly, it's a great way to gain exposure and create funnels to your website or other social media platforms. Pinterest is considered a search engine - and just like Google, it can help people find specific products, ideas or services.

So how can you get started? Create a business account and start pinning. The beauty of Pinterest is the amount of content you can share is a lot higher compared to its social media counterparts. It's encouraged to pin around 10-15 times a day and is a great outlet for creative business owners.

Top Tips for using Pinterest for your Business

1. Optimise your account

Optimisation is key. As mentioned before, Pinterest is a search engine and the better optimised your pins and boards are, the better chances you have at gaining higher engagement. Create high quality pins that offer value to the audience and optimise every aspect of it. How to do that? Search up keywords in Pinterest and utilise the most common ones as much as possible without sounding like a robot.

Remember, authenticity is always key and it's important to use keywords in a way that you still sound like a human. Create headlines for your pins that drive engagement and genuine interest. Optimise your pin captions with keywords and include some call to action e.g ask them to read the rest of the blog or check out your other social platforms.

Even when creating and organising boards - use keywords that people use and look for. It may be tempting to make boards with creative and interesting names, but the truth is- these names will not often drive awareness and won't be shown at the top of the search engine.

2. Humanise your brand

This is often looked past, but it is so important to include elements of you and your team in what you share. People want to know who is behind the business they are supporting, and by sharing parts of your life with your audience, it builds trust amongst your followers.

If possible, use a photo of you as your Pinterest profile picture and make your bio a little bit about you. If this isn't possible, try and show off how you and your team work day-to-day.

3. Create valuable content and plan ahead

Just like other social media platforms, it's important to have a solid Pinterest strategy in place. Check world calendars for upcoming national and international events and start producing pins for these events even months in advance.

According to Pinterest, promoted pins that align with life moments and holidays see a 22% lift in online sales. Use this to your advantage and schedule in your pins with useful platforms such as

Good Luck fellow pinners!

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